I Must Tell Jesus

This week in my studies I have noticed that most of what God is teaching me is coming to Him like a little child.  I think about my grandson.  When he wants to be held, he is never hesitant to crawl up in my lap for a cuddle.  He knows that my arms are always open.  When we were children we had less of a hesitation to be loved.  Life throws curve balls that leave us with gaping holes of hurt.  As people are more and more unaccepting, we begin to see God in that same mindset as well.  We feel that in order to go to Him with our problems we have to be perfect.  We get into this pattern of thinking that Jesus is expecting perfection, therefore it only leads to self rejection.  Others have rejected us, then we reject ourselves, therefore why wouldn’t Jesus reject us as well?

Jesus wants us to come to Him as a little child.  Letting go of all the lies the adversary has convinced us to be truth.  There are no restrictions for a longing heart.  Jesus wants to meet us where are, as we are.  He knows that we are not perfect.  We are going get angry, and sometimes lose our cool.  We are going to succumb to our flesh, because are flesh.  The important thing is not allow those failures to hinder us from coming back into the loving arms of our savior.  He doesn’t stop saving us at the cross, he saves us each and every day of our lives.  There isn’t a road block between us and his arms, and how often has the enemy convinced us there is.

It doesn’t matter what kind of house you own, or the make and year of your car.  When we were little children our friends were not chosen by how fancy their house was, or what kinds of clothes that they wore.  That came later as we followed the examples of the haughty adults in our lives.  When we are children we look at the heart, when we are adults we look at the flesh.  Sadly, we even judge our own selves by a set standard of what we should be.  This creates a barricade between us and that chair.  We won’t sit in that chair because we are not good enough.  We won’t sit in that chair because we have allowed ourselves to lose our child like love for Jesus to become tainted with worldly expectations.

We need to go back to our childlike love for Jesus.  Letting go of what holds us back.  Knowing that He sees us as good enough, even when we don’t see it in ourselves.


(c) Angie Counter *Beyond The Scars Ministries*

~*~ There is life beyond the scars ~*~


Author: angiecounter

I am happily married to my best friend for 27 years. We both love the Lord Jesus with all of our heart. I sing lead/ play rhythm guitar in a bluegrass gospel group. My husband plays the mandolin. I love to write devotions, songs, poems, stories. I write anything God puts on my heart. My mother says I have been writing songs even before I could write with a pen, I'd sing them on cassette tape, my own words and melody. Then when I could write, the journey began... I love you Jesus thank you for this gift! :) We also have two awesome blessings a daughter 26and a son 25, that I thank the Lord for every day! They are precious gifts from Him, and I am honoured and blessed to be their mother. We have two wonderful grandchildren who are the light in our life, and a true gift from our heavenly Father!

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